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China Commerce

By far the largest ethnic minority in Australia are Asian Australians. Within this group, the largest single ethnicity is Chinese Australians.  Australian residents that identified themselves as having Chinese ancestry make up around 4% of Australia’s population.

Chinese Australians are among the most well educated groups in Australia and comprise a large percentage of Australia’s educated class with 80% of the audience is in the key 18-40 demographic.  

Chinese streaming platforms and social applications provide Australian advertisers the opportunity to directly target these consumers in their native language through premium advertising placements, brand channel promotion and cross border e-commerce.

Transit Interiors

We are a nation on the move and transit media is focused on marketing to the modern connected consumer when they are in a captive environment with time to engage.


There are over 7 million train commuters in Australia. Trains account for around 50% of all journeys to work in the central business district of Melbourne and 33% of journeys in Brisbane.  These commuters are in higher quintiles, bigger spenders and better educated, more community minded and socially active than the Australian average.

Interior transit advertising offers brands an in-depth opportunity to connect with consumers through the use of prominent panels designed to gain maximum impact and attention. 

Transit advertising reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are and most people regard it as less intrusive than other methods of advertising.  Traditional out-of-home requires quick, punchy messages delivered in a matter of seconds. With an average dwell time in excess of 23 minutes, transit interiors have a significantly longer dwell time allowing advertisers to elaborate their messaging and start a conversation with the commuter.